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Moominmamma Liquorice Bites 150 g - Kouvolan Lakritsi

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Could it be the best liquorice in the world? The recipe for the traditional Kouvolan Lakritsi, born in 1945, was refined to its final form in 1960 by H. Knoch, an English liquorice expert. The British magazine LUXLife has chosen Kouvolan Lakritsi as the best liquorice producer in the world in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The result of the cooperation between Kouvolna Lakritsi and Moomin Characters Ltd. is a traditional liquorice familiar to Finns, packaged in Moomin-style packaging with Moominmamma - the heartfelt mother of the Moomin family. Kouvolan Lakritsi is known for its sweet liquorice, which is always soft and fresh. The products are made in Finland, and the liquorice has been awarded the internationally recognized and registered V-Label vegan trademark.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, sugar, sugar syrup, food molasses, salt, natural flavors (liquorice extract, aniseed oil), color (E153), emulsifier (E471), acidity regulator (E500), preservatives (E211, E202).

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