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Bol Émail Marins 6 dl - Muurla

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Ahoi, hoist the sails! Inspired by the classic comic strip extquoteleft Moomin and the Sea extquoteright, the extquoteleft \'e9mail Mariners collection will take you on an adventure at sea. Featuring classic blue and white hues, this collection is ready to take you on a sea adventure. from extgravedbeautiful illustrations of the Moomins on a nautical voyage. This 6 dl white enamel bowl displays the extragravesailing Moomin family. Muurla enamel tableware is made from a carbon steel core with a double enamel coating. Extquotedblleftant durable and extmugere, the enamel bowls are perfect for outdoor use, as an extgravedbly complement to traditional frames. R extremely dishwasher safe. Do not place the bowl in the microwave.

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